The Maya Forest Garden
by Anabel Ford and Ronald Nigh

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Our Mission

To bridge indigenous and
contemporary science for a
sustainable future.

Archaeology Under the Canopy

This revolutionary conservation strategy recognizes the forest garden as an equal and integral element in Maya archeological sites. This practice safeguards ancient monuments from erosion while preserving biodiversity, purchase building an understanding of ancient Maya life.

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Belize Guate VP Stein group Meeting

Binational Peace Park

The El Pilar Peace Park Initiative unites the protected areas of Belize and Guatemala, honoring the planning processes of both nations, crossing political, economic, and cultural boundaries.

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Maya Forest Gardens

The Maya forest is not a virgin forest or an untamed wilderness, but rather a product of millennia of careful and purposeful cultivation, a reflection of Maya heritage. These ancient practices continue today, offering sustainable solutions for resource conservation and agricultural production.

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